About Us

Connecting the Members and Companies of the High-Tech Community

The People. (a.k.a People and Computers) originally established in 1981, is a leading B2B events producer and media company supporting the needs of the Israeli and international Tech and Business communities. Our almost 40 years of consistent presence in the market has provided us with in depth knowledge of the continuously evolving and currently highly disruptive IT environment. Equally, we have earned the trust and lasting support of the best in class C-suite executives in Israel, thus rendering us the leading voice of the high-tech community.
Our core philosophy revolves around the concept of engagement, sharing the knowledge and creating the opportunities for the leaders in the industry to connect, network, exchange ideas, share best practices; and all of these with a view of exploring new paths and avenues of growth and excellence.

Our services

The People Events and Conferences:  We initiate and produce owned conferences and bespoke events for the Israeli top influential CEOs, CTOs and CIOs, ISVs, Investors, and Startups. With decades of experience, we have our fingers on the pulse of the community needs and create customized events that best meet them. Our conferences offer the platform for innovative perspectives and industry trends to be heard, as well as unparalleled networking opportunities for the architects of innovation, multinational companies, and the investors; all of them agents of growth and progress.

The People Professional Forums are Israel's most exclusive and prestigious professional members forums for the high-tech community, such as the unique C3 Club. They provide the unique opportunity to CXOs to share their knowledge, deep insight, experience and best practices with their peers and get familiarized with the latest developments and trends in their respective fields.

The C3 Club, established in 2001, is the only professional Forum in Israel for senior CIOs and CTOs. The agenda of the C3 Club is shaped by the Steering Committee comprised of senior CIOs from various sectors in the thriving Israeli market. We take a deep dive into the latest knowledge and thought leadership, we explore ways of tackling business challenges, we visit CIOs on their locations where we witness new technology solutions. The Forum offers exclusive benefits to the thriving CIO community to exchange opinions and lead the conversation. Apart from regular meetings, the C3 Club convenes 3 times a year on a new location worldwide where they get to connect not only among themselves but also with their peers and counterparts from the country we are visiting.

The People Awards constitute our initiative in which we pause time to acknowledge contribution, innovation, and excellence. With our Awards on the one hand, we celebrate success in the industry while on the other hand, we pave the way for new ideas to be noticed and nurtured. Our Awards include

IT Award of The Year: For 16 years we have been celebrating the new IT Project Of The Year. A panel of 40 independent judges rule on the best IT projects on a series of categories out of a pool of 200-300 submissions.

CIO Of The Year: For 14 years, we have been acknowledging the personal skills, leadership and excellence of candidates. This process is run by Professor Gadi Ariav with an esteemed panel of 4 additional judges.

Startup Competitions: In the framework of our conferences, we organize startup competitions in selected industries (AI, FinTech etc), thus giving the platform to new ideas to get heard, noticed and nurtured by investors, angels and MNCs.

Chief Digital Office Of The Year in cooperation with Strauss Strategy

The People and Computers international conferences. With Israel being one of the leading technology hubs in the world, our conferences have been attracting international participants, speakers and exhibitors. Our flagship international conferences include:

1. The Future of AI
2. FinTech Junction
3. Innovate Work
4. Retail Disrupt

In addition, and as an optional part of our international conferences, we organize highly customized and sector specific programs for our international delegates. We design a program that offers business leaders and investors with unique access to all aspects of the fascinating and rapidly evolving Israeli tech ecosystem. We facilitate access to the innovation that is born and nurtured in Israel with private meetings with startups, government officials and institutions and onsite visits.

The People Productions undertake to produce and manage end to end, unique and memorable events for our own events/conferences as well as for leading global brands. We plan, design and produce these events, secure the sponsors, invite the audience and act as liaison between our clients and top suppliers in the production field. Our commitment lies on producing one and only events ensuring their effectiveness and exceeding every single time the clients’ goals and expectations. We are employing turn key solutions from concept to implementation using current event production trends and state of the art technologies. It is the supreme quality of our productions, our ethical approach and professionalism that have earned us the trusted relationships with our clients.

The People Media House:

Publisher of the pioneer newsletter Daily Maily www.dailymaily.co.il, it provides news and in-depth coverage of topics ranging from IT infrastructure and cloud computing, all the way through to gadgets and mobile applications. Our media offers the most resourceful, relevant and up-to-date information to leading ICT professionals. We have an exclusive controlled circulation of 75,000 readers; amongst them are CIOs, CTOs, IT managers, software developers, internet experts, gamers, marketing managers and many others.

The People's media provides up-to-the-minute local and international news and in-depth analysis of technology and business and is the first point of reference for key decision-makers in Israel.

Our People:  Our teams are our most valuable and critical asset in our success. Our in-house staff is comprised of highly skillful and talented professionals with in-depth understanding of the global and local high-tech market, its challenges and opportunities. We are constantly investing in their professional growth and development and we are reinventing ourselves by engaging and recruiting the most innovative talent.

Some of our clients include: